One of 50: Audi RS7 Titanium Edition

Audi found a way to make the RS7 even better.

IMG_8081The performance hatch that doubles as a family sedan is often in the dreams of enthusiasts for good reason. It ranks as #1 in Car And Driver’s “Premium Sports Sedan” ranking, and we can barely keep them on our lot.

A powerful twin-turbo 4.0L  V8 produces 560hp (605hp in the Performance), paired with a eight-speed automatic, all-wheel drive, and a lowered suspension- making the RS7 the closest you can get to the R8 with four doors.

The RS7 is fantastic. More than fantastic. And even more than that. And yet, Audi found a way to make some even even better.

Cue the 2017 RS7 Performance Titanium Edition: an Audi Exclusive.

IMG_8108You get all the souped up goodness of the Performance model, plus a whole lot more, including the bragging rights to owning one of the 50 available in the US. That’s right, this RS7 was limited to just 50 units, and we received quite possibly the best one: Nardo Gray. Because who doesn’t love Nardo Gray?

IMG_8114So, what makes up this new Titanium Edition?

  • Black leather/Alcantara interior
  • RS Sport Seats w/Crimson Red honeycomb stitching and Crimson Red quattro script
  • Crimson Red seat belts
  • Black Alcantara headliner with Crimson Red Stitching throughout the edge
  • Black leather center console with Crimson Red stitching
  • Black leather/Alcantara steering wheel with Crimson Red stitching and a Crimson Red 12 o’clock marker
  • Black floor mats with Crimson Red piping
  • Titanium Optic exterior Design- trim around grille and windows, mirror caps
  • Audi Sport (Akrapovic) Titanium Exhaust

IMG_8180IMG_8162IMG_8145IMG_8157The best part? It is currently available for purchase HERE!

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