Blue with Envy // Audi Exclusive TTS

img_3716We here at Audi Naples love unique cars, and it just so happens that we have access to that. Our dealership has been one to frequent the realm of bold color choices and have no plans of stopping that exploration, as seen with our latest Audi Exclusive car to hit the lot. Troy H., one of our Sales Managers’, is the man with an eye for the extraordinary behind the unique Audi’s that we receive. Whether it be a customer order or simply just to spice up our inventory, every so often an Audi Exclusive car is built and the anticipation waiting for it to arrive is almost overwhelming.

I (the writer) have known about this particular car since not long after it was ordered. As with any custom color, there is a small twinge of worry about how it will be in person, but nevertheless we all eagerly awaited its arrival. And let me say this: this is, without a doubt, my favorite Audi Exclusive car that has come through the dealership in my time here. Everything about this car screams ‘look at me!’ and I love it.

img_3706This 2017 Audi TTS is nothing short of impressive. I wrote an article awhile back on the newly designed TTS; this car is all of that and then some, and that TTS was Vegas Yellow. However, I’m a bit biased towards blues.

This car is a breath-taker. A showstopper. A gorgeous creation in the flesh.

Riviera Blue.

img_3682A bit of background information: Riviera Blue is actually an original Porsche color. You may or may not have seen it on a Porsche, particularly a GT3RS, but regardless it is a stunning color in person. That being said, we had an idea of what to expect with it sitting on a TTS, but you never really know until you see it in the flesh. As you can already tell, I, and everyone else I’ve talked to about this car, are head over heels for it. Dare I say it looks as good, if not better, than on a Porsche (shhh).

The Riviera Blue on the TTS looks like it was made for the car: it hugs the sharp angles and curves flawlessly, the paired Aluminum Optics and 20″ wheels match with the color impeccably. For someone who loves the Black Optic Package on Audis, I must admit that the aluminum most likely looks better than the black on this car. Everything about this car just works without question or a second thought.

Now, I leave you with just photos of this stunning Audi Exclusive TTS. Enjoy.


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2 Responses to Blue with Envy // Audi Exclusive TTS

  1. Mari bickmore says:

    Do you still have this vehicle???

  2. admin says:

    Unfortunately not, it was recently sold.

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