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You may remember our post from last month about Audi Brand Specialist Jamie Schutt going to Texas for the new Q7 training… Well, he’s back! Both Jamie and Audi Service Advisor, Joey Hanitz, attended the event. We sat down with them and asked each to tell us two things that stood out to them. With different backgrounds, we were sure to hear different answers.


Joey’s favorite new features leaned towards the technical and mechanical side of things. He was most excited about the new four-wheel steering, which is exactly what it sounds like. Both the front AND rear wheels move in the all-new Q7, providing better agility than nearly any Audi model on the market today! The turning radius is tighter than other Q models, and it now performs even better in turns.


Second, was the navigation system and accompanying controls. While at the training they spent a lot of time comparing competitive brands. Upon doing so, Joey noticed that every button in the new Q7 “has a purpose.” There is no confusion when using any of the safety features, and especially with the navigation. After being stuck in traffic for hours in a BMW X5, he couldn’t wait to get back into an Audi.


GhW0Febqt_mbfon1-uXXndBzNv8Ih6V_K0sFZAiHjB8Jamie’s favorite features were ALL of the
Assist features. Traffic Assist, for example, allows you to give your feet a rest! You can set the distance you would like to keep from other vehicles and the Q7 will maintain it by accelerating and braking for you. It keeps you in your lane by detecting the reflective lines on the road and keeps you away from other vehicles using K-bands that ping off the metal of the other cars (think police radar systems).
The other thing that he really liked was the introduction of Apple CarPlay and Android
Auto – two functions that allow you to use apps on your phone hands-free! Your phone plugs into the Q7 via USB and the apps that you use will display on the screen of the Q7, looking just like they do on your phone. You can use apps such as navigation, Messaging, Pandora, Mail, and more!

All of us at Audi Naples hope that you are just as excited about the all-new Q7 as we are. We will continue to keep you updated!


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