Next Generation Audi Q7

Audi Q7

The next generation Audi Q7 is going revolutionize how we view the SUV market. Not only is the next gen Q7 lighter, with increased interior space and reduced exterior dimensions, but it’s also equipped with some of the best technology in the automotive industry. It will feature a stunning virtual cockpit interface (first seen in the Audi TT), 4G/LTE data connection, Google Earth navigation and tablets for rear-seat entertainment. This vehicle is definitely family friendly with the option to transform it from a five-seater into a seven-seater.

This Audi has lost some weight, roughly 700 pounds! With that, the improved fuel economy could reach about 40 mpg in the TDI version; unheard of in an SUV of this size. The overall changes can be seen from top to bottom. Great off-road qualities, fuel efficient for every day use, yet extremely agile and still sporty. The body is shorter and more narrow than the gen previous, with more present angles that create an aggressive appearance.

“An optional manual sunshade on the cargo window and second-row side windows will help keep the sun out of children’s eyes, while the panoramic sunroof gives the interior an open feeling — even for third-row passengers.

The Q7’s “infinite hold” doorjamb is something I’d like to see universally adopted. This allows the door to hold itself open at any angle, as opposed to defaulting to one of three preset openings. You know, it’s really not your kids’ fault that they smashed the car door into that Tesla parked next to you in the lot.”

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2 Responses to Next Generation Audi Q7

  1. Robert & JoAnne Herndon says:

    When will the “build” info be available and when is the anticipated availability?

  2. admin says:

    There is a limited amount of information available at this time but as soon as we find out we will be sure to share it! If you have anymore questions feel free to contact one of our representatives at 855-257-6676. Thank you for your interest! We are anticipating the details just as much =)

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