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Interview with a Master Guild Technician

Not many people know or understand the workings of being an automotive technician. It’s can be a very challenging position, especially if you have worked your way up to the highest level possible. There isn’t much information to be found … Continue reading

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Why Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber items seem to be the new craze lately. But why? Not only do they add that extra stylish, sleek and sophisticated look, but they also have some great benefits. What is carbon fiber and what are some of … Continue reading

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Next Generation Audi Q7

The next generation Audi Q7 is going revolutionize how we view the SUV market. Not only is the next gen Q7 lighter, with increased interior space and reduced exterior dimensions, but it’s also equipped with some of the best technology … Continue reading

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Lease VS Buy

When it’s time for your next vehicle, you’ll find yourself facing more decisions than simply¬†“what make/model do I want?” The majority of us will end up financing rather than paying cash, but that raises a very important question; should you … Continue reading

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