Welcome Our New Technologist – Alex!

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Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the Audi Naples family – Alex Morales!
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Alex is here to fill a brand new position as our Audi Technologist. Should you have any technology questions after taking delivery of your new Audi, he will be your main point of contact. Alex is available for full encore deliveries and to answer any questions you may have while visiting our dealership.  Need help connecting your HomeLink system to the garage door at your home? He can help with that as well!

So the next time you are at Audi Naples, say hello and feel free to pick his brain! He’s here for you.

Have a question for Alex, or would like to schedule an educational session? Email him at technologist@audinaples.com.

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First Look: A3 Sportback e-tron

The 2016 A3 Sportback e-tron has landed at Audi Naples! With this being a brand new model with brand new technology, we wanted to give our clients an overview prior to their hands-on experience at the dealership.


Audi has intermingled some of its classic design elements with features that make the e-tron truly unique. For example, to the untrained eye, this Sportback looks like a fairly standard Audi. But look a little closer at the grille and you will find that the four rings hide the battery charging port. Move to the rear, and you’ll see that the exhaust outlet sits just behind the rear diffuser. Attention to small details such as these give the A3 e-tron a timeless appeal.


This car isn’t just for looks – the A 3 e-tron offers advanced safety technologies too! One of the newest is Audi side assist, which utilizes radar sensors to help inform you of vehicles approaching from the side and rear. This feature could be particularly helpful when attempting to exit your vehicle while in a parallel parking space, with the potential for traffic to drive right next to you.

Of course, we can’t forget about the powertrain! The e-tron features a 102-hp electric motor that recharges in as little as 2 hours and 15 minutes. The 1.4L TFSI gasoline engine provides 204-hp with 258 lb-ft of torque (combined output). In the back, you’ve got a 10.6 gallon fuel tank. The EPA rates it at 83 MPGe combined in gas-electric consumption and 35 MPG on gas alone, giving it a total range of 380 miles.

We will dig deeper into the A3 Sportback e-tron in an upcoming Devin’s Drive article, so for now enjoy our photos, and be sure to schedule your very own test drive by clicking HERE!

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Audi at the Detroit Auto Show 2016

The Detroit Auto Show (DAS) kicks off in the middle of January. It is a platform for manufacturers to show their latest models and newest technology. Audi is no stranger to DAS, with their press conference starting early Monday morning on the first day of the show. It was a triumphant start with the announcement of a new overall sales record of 1.8 million vehicles sold worldwide in 2015 – crushing their original goal by more than 300,000 units! In 2016, Audi will release 20 models to the world market, such as the new Q7 and A4 to the U.S. market. All of these new and redesigned models certainly can’t hurt!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.11.25 AM
And that is why we are here today. We wanted to cut out the fluff of DAS for you and show you what you truly care about – Audi.

Photo by Car & Driver

2017 Audi allroad quattro; Photo by Car & Driver

The first model to drive across Audi’s stage was the all-new Audi A4 allroad quattro. It has 1.4″ more ground clearance than the A4 Avant version (not available in the US) and delivers 253HP. It shares the new, sharper styling cues of the upcoming 2017 A4 model which are reminiscent of the newly released 2017 Q7, though the allroad still stays true to its form.


Audi h-tron quattro concept; Photo by Car & Driver

Audi h-tron quattro concept; Photo by Car & Driver

The second and final model to hit the stage was the Audi h-tron quattro concept. Falling in line with the new e-trons and Audi’s sustainability vision, this 4-passenger vehicle features two electric motors. One motor powers the front wheels and another sits at the rear axle, both paired with a hydrogen fuel cell. There is also a supplemental lithium-ion battery pack, and combined, the torque output is an impressive 406 lb-ft. This model eliminates the recharging time and shorter range of electric vehicles, taking only 4 minutes to refill the tanks which provide a range of up to 372.8 miles. It features a spacious interior and all of the latest technology such as the Audi virtual cockpit, so you don’t have to go without when reducing your carbon footprint.

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First Look: 2017 Audi Q7


The long-awaited 2017 Audi Q7 is expected to reach Audi Naples in January 2016, but just last week, we got a sneak peek at a live one before the official launch!

The completely redesigned Q7 is loaded with new features and technology. When you get in the driver’s seat, we guarantee you won’t want to get out! With available options such as Audi Connect, MMI Touch, Virtual Cockpit, Apple CarPlay, and Bose 3D Sound, you’ll have plenty to do while sitting at a stop. Safety features (not limited to) Audi Pre Sense, Side Assist, and Traffic Jam Assist will keep you safe while on the go.

There is plenty to say about the all-new Q7, so keep an eye out for for an upcoming “Devin’s Drive” article to get a first-hand account of what it’s like. Until then, please enjoy the looks!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Lightpaint
Audi Naples would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday! Enjoy this time with your friends, family, and loved ones… and don’t forget about the four rings waiting for you in the garage!

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#HelpingHolidays at the Guadalupe Center

Since November, Audi Naples has been collecting toys and donations to give to the Guadalupe Center for the holidays.  We were thrilled to be able to donate a truckload of toys (literally) and $2,000 when all was said and done! However, the real excitement of this effort won’t be seen until Christmas time, when all of these children receive their presents. Maybe this is what it feels like to be Santa?


We went down to Immokalee to drop off our donations and were able to see the gift store that Guadalupe Center has set up for the parents of needy children in the community. This is the main reason why we chose to donate to them over other charities.


The parents are able to come in and actually shop for toys for their children. Each row of tables has toys arranged by age group to make shopping easier. Every day leading up to Christmas they have 25 employees working here, with 10 of them dedicated exclusively to gift wrapping. As the parents shop, volunteers help them choose toys and bring them to the gift wrapping station where another group of volunteers will do the wrapping. The gifts are then addressed directly from the parents to their children. In speaking with one of the organizers, we learned that they will have helped over 500 children have a happier holiday this year!


On behalf of all of these children and families we would like to thank everyone who donated this year. We are looking forward to next year, and we hope you are too!

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Audi Exclusive RS7

We are pleased to present to you the latest Audi Exclusive to reach the showroom of Audi Naples, just in time for the holidays! This 2016 Verdant Green RS7 comes with Exclusive Havana Brown Leather Interior with honeycomb stitching, along with Havana Brown stitching on the shifter boot and steering wheel. This is a one-of-a-kind vehicle, and currently the only one of its kind in the United States. The best part about it? It’s available for sale!

If you are interested in this vehicle please contact us at (855) 253-8218.


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Holiday Collector Car Show 2015

This past Saturday was the Holiday Collector Car Show held by the Naples Ferrari Club. Held annually, this event is used to bring together the automotive enthusiast community and to benefit the Toys for Tots program. There was something for everyone as the parking lot of Mercato was lined with everything from Ferraris old and new to classic american antiques, and everything in between! Not to mention the ONLY LaFerrari currently available for sale in the United States.


Audi Naples was present, armed with a gorgeous white on red 2016 Audi S7 and surrounded by our partners – VW of Naples and Naples Speed. If you missed it this year, be sure to mark your calendars for next year and feel free to stop by Audi Naples any time to see any of our new or pre owned models!



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Giving The Gift of Audi // A Guide To The Ultimate Surprise

The Season of Audi is here and that means big red bows on beautiful new cars! We’ve all seen the commercials and even some home videos of people giving a vehicle as a gift… But how do they do it without stifling the joy by drowning the new car owner in paperwork just after they set eyes on the best gift they’ve ever received? We sat down with Audi Finance Manager, Michael Schutt, to find out. The answer is surprisingly simple.

Once you decide that there is no better gift than a new Audi for your loved one, the first step is to stop in at Audi Naples to pick one out. Your Audi Brand Specialist will assist you in finding the perfect vehicle. When you meet, it is important to tell them that this is a surprise! They will be just as excited as you are to make this happen. Be sure to coordinate your communication for after you leave the dealership, should they need to contact you. Give them a safe way to reach you along with the best times of day to do so, so that your loved one won’t get suspicious. After you’ve picked out the perfect Audi, it’s time for the hard part – or so you thought!


You’ll probably want the title of the vehicle to be in their name. That can be done, sometimes with as little as one signature. We can prepare all of the paperwork ahead of time for you, but keep in mind that they will still have to sign so that the title and registration is in their name.

If you choose to finance or lease the vehicle, your name will have to be on the title and registration. If you want your loved one’s name to also be on the title and registration for the vehicle, we will have to put them on the loan as well. This means that we will need a credit application from them. The easy way to remember this is, “if the name is on the loan, it must be on the title,” and vice versa. If you pay for the vehicle in full, however, you do not have to put yourself on the title.

If you would like to have all of the paperwork prepared ahead of time (highly recommended!), here are the things that you will need to provide us with from the person receiving the vehicle:

A copy of their driver’s license
A copy of their current car insurance
A copy of their current registration (only if you will be transferring a license plate – not necessary if they will be getting a new plate)

You could easily sneak a photo of all of these items using your cell phone to avoid suspicion. Just make sure that everything is clear and legible.

Next is the fun part: the surprise. Ask your Audi Brand Specialist to help you coordinate the ultimate surprise! Don’t be afraid to ask – we would be happy to bring the car to you and your loved one at home, meet you outside of a restaurant or store, or anywhere that you can dream up! Feel free to get creative. And don’t worry – we have plenty of big red bows.

If you’ve helped us to prepare the paperwork ahead of time, all we’ll need from the newest Audi driver on the block is a few signatures…. After the shaking, screaming, and tears of joy die down, that is.

Let Audi Naples help you give the gift of Audi this season!

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All-New Q7 // Favorite Features

You may remember our post from last month about Audi Brand Specialist Jamie Schutt going to Texas for the new Q7 training… Well, he’s back! Both Jamie and Audi Service Advisor, Joey Hanitz, attended the event. We sat down with them and asked each to tell us two things that stood out to them. With different backgrounds, we were sure to hear different answers.


Joey’s favorite new features leaned towards the technical and mechanical side of things. He was most excited about the new four-wheel steering, which is exactly what it sounds like. Both the front AND rear wheels move in the all-new Q7, providing better agility than nearly any Audi model on the market today! The turning radius is tighter than other Q models, and it now performs even better in turns.


Second, was the navigation system and accompanying controls. While at the training they spent a lot of time comparing competitive brands. Upon doing so, Joey noticed that every button in the new Q7 “has a purpose.” There is no confusion when using any of the safety features, and especially with the navigation. After being stuck in traffic for hours in a BMW X5, he couldn’t wait to get back into an Audi.


GhW0Febqt_mbfon1-uXXndBzNv8Ih6V_K0sFZAiHjB8Jamie’s favorite features were ALL of the
Assist features. Traffic Assist, for example, allows you to give your feet a rest! You can set the distance you would like to keep from other vehicles and the Q7 will maintain it by accelerating and braking for you. It keeps you in your lane by detecting the reflective lines on the road and keeps you away from other vehicles using K-bands that ping off the metal of the other cars (think police radar systems).
The other thing that he really liked was the introduction of Apple CarPlay and Android
Auto – two functions that allow you to use apps on your phone hands-free! Your phone plugs into the Q7 via USB and the apps that you use will display on the screen of the Q7, looking just like they do on your phone. You can use apps such as navigation, Messaging, Pandora, Mail, and more!

All of us at Audi Naples hope that you are just as excited about the all-new Q7 as we are. We will continue to keep you updated!


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