Audi’s Rising Sales for 50 Consecutive Months


To some people a car is a car, to others, a vehicle is an extension of who we are. With Audi’s dedication to customer service, dependable luxury and exceptional engineering it’s no wonder Audi’s sales have been continuously rising for 50 consecutive months! It’s quite a feat and we are happy to be apart of a company that creates innovation with every model. Here’s an excerpt from the official press release:

“Severe winter storms were disruptive for the entire industry in February, but the Audi dealer network overcame the elements to deliver a record number of Audi vehicles to new Audi customers in February,” said Mark Del Rosso, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America. Demand for the new Audi A3 family of premium cars and the new Q3 SUV remained strong for Audi in February. These two all-new Audi products, launched in 2014, continue to bring new customers into the Audi family across the country.”

Rain or shine, the sales and quality customer service does not quit!

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An Automotive Art Form: Modifying Vehicles

IMG_2233 Modifying, tweaking and customizing vehicles takes imagination with a visionary’s touch. Many people modify their cars for different reasons but most of the time, let’s face it…we want our cars to have our own personal touch! We want them to be faster, unique and full of personality. Here at Audi Naples we offer a variety of services, installations and suggestions to help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle! So whether you want your vehicle to be more fuel efficient, faster or better suited to your lifestyle, we are here to help.

This stunning 2015 TT-S Limited Edition (pictured above and below) belongs to a customer of ours, Chris Polityka, who found us online and requested an RS Big Brake Kit. But the modifications and add-ons don’t stop there, here is a list of what this souped-up TT-S comes equipped with:

-APR ECU upgrade
-Rear LED tail lights
-APR carbon fiber cold air intake*
-APR high pressure fuel pump*
-Forge Twintercooler*
-B&B 3″ Downpipe*
-TTRS Brembo big brake kit*
-Stoptech steel brake lines front & rear*
-TTRS grille*

*Offered at Audi Naples

IMG_2228IMG_2235IMG_2227So no matter where you are or where you live we can ship it to you! Not only do we offer a wide range of services and parts, but we have an exceptional level of quality and customer service. We are so pleased to hear the feedback that we received from Chris, the owner of this wicked TT-S.

“I love the look of the RS grille and the brake kit. So glad you talked me into doing the RS Kit vs. an aftermarket Brembo or Stoptech. Looks phenomenal and also with the steel lines on all 4 calipers, the braking feel and performance is just amazing! As you can see from the front through the RS grille, I ended up going with the Forge Twintercooler. Thank you, again, for all your help. I’ll surely do business with you again and recommend others your way!”

If you are interested in ordering a part and you know the name or inventory number please use our online form to place an order. Otherwise, feel free to call 1-866-292-7789 and a Parts Department specialist will determine exactly what you need. Upon submitting your information we will:

  • Respond to you promptly via your preferred contact method.
  • Ask any additional questions required to identify your parts request.
  • Confirm your order and pricing.

Also feel free to visit our Audi of Naples Ebay Store if you are not in the area!

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Autonomous Driving: An Interesting Look

f9r4123-editYou’re driving down the road when suddenly you realize just how free you feel, your hands aren’t on the wheel and the car is still driving effortlessly smoothly. You look around and don’t know what to do with yourself. Read a book? Stare out the window? Place your hands on the wheel just for the sake of comfort? No this, isn’t a dream…it’s actually closer to reality than you think. Earlier this year we posted about the autonomous Audi A7 Concept that drove itself (with an engineer and journalist along for the ride) from San Francisco to Las Vegas for CES and we received a lot of feedback! It’s an interesting concept and the feeling seems to be split.

Trusting a computer with your life
We encounter glitches with our phones, laptops and everyday electronics from time to time. So the idea of an automated vehicle seems iffy; you really wouldn’t to encounter a malfunction while traveling at high speeds. But at the same time, some people behind the wheels of their own cars are just as scary.

Not being able to feel the best part of driving…actually driving!
Automotive enthusiasts everywhere are cringing of the thought at having less control of their vehicle. The whole point is to feel the full extent of what your vehicle can do! Sitting behind the wheel not doing anything, would feel…unnatural.

Will it help more than hurt?
Let’s face it. There are some good drivers and there are some really bad drivers. Turn signals are used for what? Perhaps autonomous driving would prevent distracted driving and dangerous driving. There are many possibilities but there’s no way to know for sure yet. This kind of technology is going to take a few years to become available for the general public.

To read more and find out about a journalist’s first-hand experience of Audi’s self driving A7 click here!

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Red Cars: Myth vs. Fact

_MG_4982Red cars are the type of cars that make a statement. They stand out, they’re bold and when well-maintained, keep that beautiful sleek color. Some people tend to shy away from red cars because they think that they are more prone to receiving speeding tickets. It’s a long standing myth that many people believe, but…it’s not true! There is no evidence to suggest that red cars receive more tickets. You would think that because of it’s flashy color it would stand out on the road more than a white/silver/gray vehicle. However there is no evidence to support that! No correlation can be found between an increased amount of speeding tickets issued and red cars. This isn’t the only misconception about red cars, which leads me to the second myth.

Some people believe that if they own a red vehicle it will cause their insurance rates to increase compared to less “flashy” colors. It’s just not true. Your insurance rates are calculated based upon your driving record, the type of vehicle you drive, how many miles you drive, when you drive, where you drive and more! But none of that has to do with the color of your vehicle.

So ignore all the myths, the naysayers, and get the color you really want! We have tons of stunning red vehicles waiting for the next drive. And…February is the perfect month for a red car!

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Naples Location – Why Us?

8There are many dealerships spread across the nation, but what makes the location matter? What difference does it make buying from one city over another? Well, there are many reasons why and here are a few that pertain to our location.

The Dealership Itself
The customer service found at a smaller dealership like ours is more personable and catered to the customer’s best interest. We have an established staff, some that have been with us for years, who bring an exceptional level of customer experience to the table. Our Audi Brand Specialists are professional, knowledgeable and ready to help you find your perfect vehicle!

How The City Treats Vehicles
If you are looking for a pre-owned car,  Naples is one of the best cities to look for one. Why? Due to our weather, roads and city, most cars located here are well maintained. A vehicle that has only been in Southwest Florida will never see snow damage, hail damage (very rarely does hail occur in Naples) and will generally have less wear and tear. There aren’t mountains, hills or major city traffic here. Driving in busier cities full of more cars, people and stop-and-go traffic, can create an environment for more accidents and or put added stress on a vehicle. Our beautiful weather also tends to draw a lot of seasonal customers, which means for half of the year some of those vehicles are not in use! We receive a lot of trade-ins with extraordinarily low mileage and in great condition.

Did you know that parallel parking is not apart of the Florida drivers license test? That’s because parallel parking isn’t as commonly found here compared to other cities. Which means, cars are usually parked in garages, parking lots and away from busy traffic.

Get a Vehicle and a Mini-Vacation!
When you visit Naples to purchase/lease/trade-in a vehicle you can make a day out of it! Naples has tons of great restaurants, beautiful areas, the beach, a pier and great shopping. You can make the whole day an experience and truly get a feel for this exquisite city while driving your new vehicle!

Feel free to come in or call and find your ideal vehicle today!

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Interview with a Master Guild Technician

1980323_700435093351105_6929689075954355502_oNot many people know or understand the workings of being an automotive technician. It’s can be a very challenging position, especially if you have worked your way up to the highest level possible. There isn’t much information to be found on what exactly is a master technician or how someone can become a “master.” Here at Audi Naples we are fortunate enough to have one! He’s usually the guy driving around R8s and working on them. Although very humble about his professional achievement, our Master Guild Technician was willing to share his story and how he worked his way up.

Q: What exactly is a “Master Technician”?
A: An automotive technician proficient in all areas; a diagnostic technician. It’s the highest level for a tech at a dealer level.

Q: Are there different levels?
A: Yes there are four levels, which are Technician 1, Technician 2, Technician 3 and Technician 4. Or Regular Technician, Expert Technician, Master Technician and Master Guild Technician.

Q: What are you classified as?
A: I am a Master Guild Technician (Tech 4).

Q: How do you become a Master Guild Technician?
A: You have to meet qualifications, have all the prerequisites, web training, test-out and pass a 2-part diagnostic test with an 80% or better. There’s a full week of class and a two-day proctor test.

Q: How long did it take and what did you have to go through?
A: From start to finish it took me about 7 years. I obtained my A.A in Automotive which took about 18 months. After that I attended the Audi Academy which was a program that sought out people with Automotive technical education to give them Audi brand experience. There was an entrance exam before acceptance and it lasted 13 weeks and took place 6 hours a day.

Q: Do you have any other certifications besides for the Audi Brand?
A: Yes, I am also ASE certified.

Q: What is ASE?
A: Master Certified Automotive. It doesn’t have to do with the Audi brand, it is something I pursued on my own for personal interest. The certification expires every five years.
Master Automobile Technician – 8 Classes
Advanced Level Specialist – 1 Class

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Why Carbon Fiber?

_MG_3377Carbon fiber items seem to be the new craze lately. But why? Not only do they add that extra stylish, sleek and sophisticated look, but they also have some great benefits. What is carbon fiber and what are some of the advantages? Well, carbon fiber is a very strong, ultra lightweight, modern high-tech, next generation luxury material and often used in applications of vehicles, furniture, sporting equipment and boats. It’s amazing to consider it’s weight-to-strength ratio given how light it is, yet still strong. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel but lighter than aluminum.

How does this effect vehicles made/with carbon fiber integrated? It reduces friction, and since it’s lighter, decreases fuel consumption and can lead to greater acceleration rates. It lasts longer given that it’s resistant to the damaging elements like corrosion, moisture and heat. Carbon fiber mirrors also compliment the exquisite vehicles they are installed on, given it’s unique woven appearance.

Audi Naples has already sold several sets of carbon fiber mirror caps and a few carbon fiber spoilers. In fact, the photo pictured above was of a pre-owned 2015 Audi S3 that sold a little more than 24 hours after that picture was taken! Carbon fiber is not a factory option (yet) but we can install them for you. They can be applied to the A3, S3, TT and R8.

Interested? Have questions? Feel free to call 1-866-292-7789 and a Parts Department specialist will determine exactly what you need. Upon submitting your information we will:

  • Respond to you promptly via your preferred contact method.
  • Ask any additional questions required to identify your parts request.
  • Confirm your order and pricing.
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Next Generation Audi Q7

The next generation Audi Q7 is going revolutionize how we view the SUV market. Not only is the next gen Q7 lighter, with increased interior space and reduced exterior dimensions, but it’s also equipped with some of the best technology in the automotive industry. It will feature a stunning virtual cockpit interface (first seen in the Audi TT), 4G/LTE data connection, Google Earth navigation and tablets for rear-seat entertainment. This vehicle is definitely family friendly with the option to transform it from a five-seater into a seven-seater.

This Audi has lost some weight, roughly 700 pounds! With that, the improved fuel economy could reach about 40 mpg in the TDI version; unheard of in an SUV of this size. The overall changes can be seen from top to bottom. Great off-road qualities, fuel efficient for every day use, yet extremely agile and still sporty. The body is shorter and more narrow than the gen previous, with more present angles that create an aggressive appearance.

“An optional manual sunshade on the cargo window and second-row side windows will help keep the sun out of children’s eyes, while the panoramic sunroof gives the interior an open feeling — even for third-row passengers.

The Q7’s “infinite hold” doorjamb is something I’d like to see universally adopted. This allows the door to hold itself open at any angle, as opposed to defaulting to one of three preset openings. You know, it’s really not your kids’ fault that they smashed the car door into that Tesla parked next to you in the lot.”

Read and see more pictures HERE courtesy of our friends at

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New Year’s Car Resolutions (2015)

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsDuring the holiday excitement we make sure we have everything we need; the right gifts, travel plans and delicious meal recipes in mind. After everything is said and done, we look forward to another year and contemplate what our New Year’s Resolutions will be. While being healthier, happier and spending wiser may top the list, we always forget one of the most important things we should take care of as well! Our vehicles need their own New Year Resolutions! In case you’re at a loss of where to even start here are a few examples:

1.) A clean car = a clean mind. I aim to clean my interior and exterior at least four times a month.

2.) I want my car to last this coming year without any major issues. I aim to follow the suggested scheduled maintenance and check ups.

3.) Even though the timing may not be perfect I aim to listen to my car when it makes a funny noise, drives differently or gives me warnings.

4.) Nobody wants to deal with an accident no matter how minor or severe. I aim to drive safer and focus on the road when driving.

5.) Tires, wheels and fluids are just as important as oil changes. I aim to check on those routinely as well.

6.) Driving faster or more aggressively wastes more fuel and can cost you more money by constantly refueling. I aim to give myself a little more time to drive slower to save money and to become a fuel-efficient driver.

7.) Going to the right places for repairs (like Certified Audi Technicians) can make a difference in the quality of maintenance performed on your car. I aim to choose only the best service for my vehicle (Audi Naples!)

8.) Life gets busy and sometimes we forget exactly when our last repair was. Staying organized and keeping detailed records of services performed can help us in the future. Especially if you want to eventually sell your vehicle! I aim to get better records of any and all of performed vehicle maintenance.

9.) I will not let my vehicle become my second room. Keeping items in my trunk and back seat can weigh down my car and waste more fuel. I aim to keep the items in my trunk to a minimum.

10.) Bad parking is the worst. Who wants to be “that guy”? I aim to park better, and in doing so, lessen the chances of someone hitting my car.

These are just some of our New Year Car Resolutions. What would you add?

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Learning From History: Audi A7 vs Audi 100 Coupe S

a7 AUDI100CoupeS-3518_2There is no doubt that out of the Audi line up the A7 has one of the most unique body styles and an exquisite presence. One of the most appealing features on the A7 is the roof line that cuts a striking profile, yet seamlessly blends into a high-performance luxury sedan.

The A7’s distinguished sloping back may remind you of another classic beauty from the Audi family. The looks were inspired from a model forty years previous; the Audi 100 Coupe S. The Audi 100 Coupe S has an interesting back story which just adds to the meaning and progressive design that became of it. It was created by an Audi engineer, Ludwig Kraus, who truly believed in the company and wanted to make something revolutionary. Despite being advised to focus his efforts elsewhere, Kraus worked on the 100 on his own time and ended up improving the company he loved.

He is even recognized on the Audi Worldwide website:

“Ludwig Kraus joined the Ingolstadt-based company’s Board of Management. His major contribution to the company’s progress was the development of the modern Audi vehicle programme, which was introduced from the end of 1965 onwards as a replacement for the DKW models with two-stroke engines. The model lines created by Kraus – Audi 60/Super 90, Audi 100, Audi 80 and Audi 50 – proved to be the key to the company’s subsequent prosperity.”

Which can be found here!

An extraordinary design created by an extraordinary person.

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